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WalletWallet iOS application

Cryptocurrency access right from your pocket!

WalletWallet is a secure app for your cryptocurrency that uses HDWallet technology.

With WalletWallet you can generate an address, receive and send money, get all necessary information about transactions and balance.

We know that you love iPhones and update them basically every year, so we made it possible for you not to worry about your wallet data when you change devices. WalletWallet's core benefit is that you can use the same HDWallet on different devices. All you need is to use the same AppleID. It is simple, isn’t it?

WalletWallet satisfies all popular demands:
  • • QR Code support;
  • • Dynamic fees;
  • • Hierarchical deterministic architecture;
  • • and so on.
Support If you have any questions, please contact us: