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White-label web wallet

Cryptowallet is a secure and customiziable solution for operating
with digital assets for your business.

Secure and customizable

Our base WebWallet solution is used to store, receive and send your digital currency. It is build on our latest API version, so we always keep it up-to-date to provide protection and efficiency for all your cryptocurrency operations.

Due to variety of methods in our API, we might rapidly provide you with all features you need, making customized white-label wallet exactly for your business.

  • Commissions management
  • Advanced privacy protection
  • Two Factor Authentication
  • Anti-phishing protection
  • KYC integration
Receiving, storing and sending any ERC-20

Any other important cryptocurrencies can be added to the investment opportunities under an additional agreement. The user receives a personal addresses for operations in the chosen cryptocurrency.

One day integration

We create a boxed solution. The integration with our service is matter of few hours. You will be able to save your costs development time using our solution.

Receive Visa and Mastercard

Our acquiring and processing infrastructure allows you to work with credit and debit cards.

Integration KYC provider

The famous KYC providers such as Trulioo, Basisid, Jumio have already integrated into Cryptoprocessing WebWallet solution.


Customize WebWallet design by a needs of your product.


Build in powerful business rules for co-signing including rate limits, address whitelists, webhooks, secondary approvals, and more.