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Ready-to-go API for crypto
and fiat payments

Acquiring and Processing Services for Cryptocurrencies and Fiat with SLA

How it works is a platform which offers a standardized set of methods to work with acquirers, processing centers, liquidity providers, and different exchanges using given API for work with crypto and fiat currencies

Simple and effective

Whether you are launching a crypto product or willing to accept payments in digital currencies, using our fast and easy-to-integrate API, you will be able to avoid a loss of profit and minimize your development cost.

Supported Currencies

Stable: BTC, BCH, BTG, LTC, ETH, ETC, ERC20(223) tokens

Beta: XRP, Dash

Alpha: Monero

Additional currencies can be enabled by request.

Multisig wallets

It’s a security for you and your customers. We provide an ability to install our software on your physical servers to allow you store all private keys on your side.

Attention! We do not provide a storage SLA in this case!

Transactions processing guarantee

We provide an SLA for all transactions processing. Using our queues modules we broadcast transactions anyway. Even in a high-load state of blockchains (eg. the CryptoKitties case), we will process all requests from your side and your customers will get your services.

Callback Calls

We scan blockchains and call your backend when some events fired (webhooks section in API Documentation) in context of your addresses or users. It allows you react immediately​ and provides the expected service to your customers.

Internal Rates Monitoring

As a separate service, we provide a monitoring system which can be used as a way to change some data in Ethereum blockchain (eg the token price changing).

An example of the Ticker API call:

This module can help you maximize your profit and minimize loses.

Using our API you can easly build your own crypto and fiat payment


You can use our existing products built on our API:

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